Orthodontics without braces

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Looking orthodontics without braces?

The system with splints (aligners) are quite effective in many cases in need of orthodontic treatment

Transparent, fine, invisible splints for upper and lower teeth set new standards in orthodontics

This is computerized guided orthodontic treatment. Manufactured abroad, especially for your own teeth and gradually straighten your teeth

A certified dentist – orthodontist, according to the knowledge and experience of the particular method (orthodontic treatment with clear aligners) will recommend the ideal treatment, because each company has specific orthodontic treatment options

Companies that prepare for treatment and prepare their clear aligner are threefold:
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Our dental clinic is certified by the three aforementioned companies

Advantages :

● They are suitable for adults, especially for those who do not want to wear braces

● It is invisible, clear, convenient device

● Give the opportunity to smile without fear

● It is absolutely painless procedure

● The duration of treatment, and according to the manufacturing company, is about 5-20 months

● Corrects crowding teeth, gaps between teeth, slightly crooked teeth, teeth with rotation, teeth inclined forward or backward, or teeth that the upper midline does not coincide with the lower midline

● Made from hypoallergenic material, is flexible and easy to clean with toothpaste and a soft toothbrush

● They can be removed from the mouth of the patient

● Allow the easy brushing of teeth and gums, because of the obligatory removal, so maintaining good oral hygiene

● Can be used by patients with periodontitis, as they provide the possibility of selecting the thickness of the aligner, a prerequisite in periodontal patients

● It is appropriate treatment for pregnant women

Procedure :

● During your first visit, the orthodontist will recommend the most appropriate treatment for you
If the aligners are the treatment of choice (orthodontic aligners – orthodontic treatment without braces), the certified dentist will take impressions of upper and lower jaw which along with your panoramic x-ray images of the oral cavity will be sent to a special laboratory abroad

● In 8-15 days after a digital special study will have the final response from the laboratory, if in this case you can be treated with the method of clear aligner

● Once you agree with the treatment plan with aligners, the certified dentist proceeds to clear aligner order and within 1-5 weeks you receive the first set of aligners
A treatment for front teeth takes about five months

● Apply clear aligners 18 – 20 hours a day, except when eating or brushing your teeth
Every 3-4 weeks visit your orthodontist to monitor the progress of treatment and to receive the next aligners
The difference will be visible with the during time passing by

The system clear aligners (aligners) are suitable to:

Crowded teeth

mainly makes difficult to maintain proper oral hygiene and so
there is an increased risk of caries creation and gum disease

Gaps between teeth (diastema):


a cosmetic problem that can jeopardize the effectiveness of mastication

Correction of the midline:


an indication of incorrect bite that can lead to pain and other disorders

Teeth inclined forward or backward:

displacing other teeth and causing progressively crowded or incorrect bite

Teeth rotated counterclockwise or clockwise:


complicates oral hygiene thereby causing tooth decay

Teeth with intrusion or extrusion:


puts in danger chewing and creating damage to the “competitors” teeth

Video process

Cases with orthodontics without braces