Endodontic therapy or root canal therapy

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Endodontic therapy or root canal therapy: is the intervention of a dentist- endodontologist in to the pulp of the tooth

The purpose of this treatment is to remove the infected or dead pulp and the obturation of decontaminated canals for recovery of the periapical tissues

Pulp is a soft tissue located in the center of the tooth and contains nerve tissues, blood vessels

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In a single visit:

● Local anesthesia to the tooth
● Isolation to the tooth with a rubber dam, from saliva and bacteria
● The dentist- endodologist with a special endodontic motor removes preparates the tooth
● Afterwards, with a special digital apex locator we find exactly the root canals
● Then, he removes the infected pulp and decontaminates properly the root canals
● Every root canal is decontaminated with a special irrigation solution and with the usage of diode laser for elimination of bacteria.There is a possibility to be administered antibiotics to the patient, if it is detected inflammation which is extended beyond the apex of the tooth.
● In case of severe inflammation fistula, existence or presence, we place in to the root canals a special paste calcium hydroxide [Ca (OH) 2] and the patient returns after seven days for the completion of endodontic treatment.


During treatment the tooth is sensitive. Avoid chewing from that side, especially hard food, and tell your doctor if the temporary filling is got out.
It is likely to present some symptoms that can be caused by:
● In irritation area around the tooth due to the treatment, or
● In rekindling old infection that existed before, but was depressed by symptom, pain or swelling. In this case, follow the instructions below:

1. Make oral rinses with warm salt water or chamomile. The liquid should be quite warm, but as much as you tolerate, the process of mouthwashes will last 5 minutes and will be repeated every 1 – 2 Hour
2. If you notice the appearance of swelling, put outside the region (on the skin) ice wrapped in a towel, hold it there 5-10 minutes and repeat every 1 – 2 Hour
3. Complete the treatment with hot mouthwashes orally at mild intervals
4. If it hurts you to take painkillers tablets, one every 4 hours or 6 hours
5. Do not hesitate to call the dentist, for information and possible prescription of medication

The dental clinic is required to have the most modern technology, such as apex locator, heat-softened gutta-percha system,vertical condensation technique, x-ray machine, microscope, special motor endodontic, special dental pulp testing, laser diode, special instrument root canal nickel – titanium (NiTi) and any other technology or instrument, which ensures quick and painless root canal therapy and the completion of endodontic treatment – root canal therapy in one (1) and in exceptional cases two (2) visits


The possibility of success of endodontic treatment exceed 90% with the previous process and depends primarily on the morphology of the tooth. Roots very narrow, curved do not allow for satisfactory root canal treatment. Sometimes the tooth may have more root canals that expected which can be missed, that they may not be able to work out
In these rare cases we proceed surgically and we seal to remove the abnormal tissue or tooth fragments from the apical and the periapical region carefully, without traumatize the root (Apicoectomy)


After the completion of endodontic therapy, it is necessary to put as soon as possible the permanent restoration, which will help the tooth to remain in the oral cavity many years

The final restoration which every time is necessary, depends from how much is the tooth infected and destroyed and may be a simple dental filling, a porcelain crown, inlay, post and core e.t.c.

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