Zirconia crown

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The zirconia or YSZ (Yttria stabilized zirconia), glossy, white, like titanium, is a solid material at room temperature, although it becomes hard and brittle at lower temperatures

The zirconia is an innovative system for aesthetic prosthetic restoration without metal frame

This material is produced by means of the latest digital computer technology CAD / CAM

Advantages :

• The status of being translucent ensures perfect aesthetic results
• Mechanical strength
• Biocompatibility (no allergic reactions)
• High resistance to corrusion
• It’s the most powerful and hard material
• Eliminates unpleasant sensitivities (hot, cold)

Disadvantages :

• High cost
• Less resistance to vibration compared to metal alloy

The procedure is the following :


1st visit :

• Color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro
• Taking initial dental impressions with trays and impression materials for preparing the temporary crown


2nd visit :

• Local anesthesia
• Reduction of the volume of the tooth –tooth preparation
• Temporary crown placed


3nd visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Final preparation of the tooth
• Taking final dental impressions
• Repositioning of temporary crown


4nd visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Probing the zirconia base of the dental crown
• Repositioning of temporary crown


5th visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Probing of the dental crown with porcelain which is not finally polished
• Repositioning of temporary crown


6th visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Permanent cementation of the dental zirconia crown

Video process

Cases with zirconia crowns