Type of dentures

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The artificial dentures are removable prosthetic restoration that replaces some( in cases of partial dentures) with metallic or aesthetic clasps or attachments or all (in the case of full denture) natural teeth

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1. Affordable cost
2. Quick and easy process
3. Enhances facial aesthetics
4. Restore chewing and speech

Disadvantages :

1. In cases of bone resorption resulting in recession of the gums causing problems in stability of the denture
2. A slight difficulty in speaking and chewing after placement and patients need to have patience to get used to
3. The dentures should be checked by the dentist at least once a year, because there is a possibility to need to be repaired or replaced
4. Caution should be exercised in the way you wash the dentures that do not break. Use nylon brush to remove food residue on a daily basis

They are divided in 7 categories :

Full complete denture

replaces all the teeth in a single arch

Immediate complete denture

is the denture that is inserted immediate after the extraction of existing dentition and it is made before the extraction of natural teeth

So the patients does not remain without teeth even “one minute”!

Partial denture with metallic clasps

replaces the missing teeth and is based on the natural teeth with metallic or aesthetic clasps

Partial denture with attachments

replaces the missing teeth and is based to dental crowns with special attachments

Partial denture type Valplast:

replaces the missing teeth and is based on the natural teeth with flexible acrylic clasps

Overdenture on natural teeth

Full denture that is placed on the roots

Overdenture on implants

Full denture that is placed on the implants

The procedure is the following :


1st visit:

• Eventually color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro
• Taking initial impressions of the upper and the lower jaw for construction of individual tray


2nd visit :

• Taking the final impression with individual trays


3rd visit:

• Wax Rim of the denture


4th visit :

• Final evaluation of the fitting of the denture teeth and the shape, size and color of the teeth


5th visit:

• Final fitting of the full denture
• Leaving the clinic with a radiant smile, you can eat directly


6th visit:

• Final evaluation a week later