Tripod bridge – Interim restorations

Tripod bridge – Interim restorations 2017-05-10T22:16:53+03:00

The Tripod bridge is a temporary fixed restoration which can be placed on 1 natural teeth and the gum tissues, on implants in posterior teeth, or on mini implants temporary until the final restoration

Frequent Dental Questions

Indications :

• Good aesthetic
• In cases temporary restoration before or after implant placement instead of a removable full denture
• Patients with good oral hygiene

Contraindications :

  • In patients that they do not perceive the problems who that can be caused by immediate process

Materials :

• Composite resin with metal frame
• Acrylic reinforced with fiber splint

The procedure is the following :


1st visit:

• Color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro
• Local anesthesia
• Tooth preparation
• Intraoral impression of the upper and lower jaw and sending to the dental lab


2nd visit :

• Evaluation of the tripod bridge
• Cementation of the tripod bridge
• Leaving the dental clinic, you can not eat for 2 hours


3rd visit:

• Final evaluation after 1 week