Temporary fixed restorations over implant

Temporary fixed restorations over implant 2017-05-07T00:10:30+03:00

They are used in an intermediate step before final prosthetic restoration of implants or for functional and aesthetic reasons (so that the patient can not remain without teeth) or for preparation of the area (e.g. prosthetic arrangement alveolar ridge) before the prosthetic restoration of implants

All temporary fixed prosthetic restorations implant can be made of acrylic or composite resin

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  • In direct and immediate loading of the implant and direct temporization
  • Patients with demanding occlusion
  • Patients that they want to see how it will be aesthetically before the final permanent restoration
  • Chewing ability
  • Esthetic reasons


  • The patient can with cooperation with the dentist to see and decide in small changes or corrections that they will not affect the correct vocalization and occlusion


  • Requires the use of many implant parts (plastic abutments, special screws)

  • High manufacturing cost

  • Requires cooperation with dental laboratory