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Gingivitis:is a inflammation disease of the surrounding tissues and supporting the teeth from deposit of plaque

If not treated immediately, it progresses to periodontitis and teeth initially present high mobility and finally tooth loss

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The symptoms usually accompany gingivitis are:

• Bleeding gums during brushing or by themselves
• Red, swollen or tender gums
• Persistent bad breath

Risk factors to gingivitis:

• Not effectively removal plaque from teeth
• Smoking
• Genetic
• Uncontrolled diabetes
• Excessive coffee consumption
• Alcohol consumption
• Stress
• Systemic diseases
• Diseases affecting the immune system (eg Hepatitis)
• Hormonal disorders
• Bad malocclusion
• Poor oral hygiene
• Medication

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Treatment :

Conservative laser treatment:
The usage of lasers in conjunction with specific ultrasonic scaler tips gives quite satisfactory results
Laser gingivitis treatment is safe and absolutely painless therapy
At the same time they are not appear sensitivity to the teeth and especially indicated in patients with health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, patients with allergies to antibiotics, haemophilia, HIV, etc.
The glass fiber laser penetrates deep between teeth and gums, achieving debridement of the infected gum tissue
Furthermore disinfects the area by the bacteria, while simultaneously inactivating the toxins in the root surface of the tooth and gingival tissue, activating the healing process
So it is achieved sterilization of the area, while reducing dental sensitivity