Dental venners

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Are coatings of specific ceramic materials cemented to the labial surfaces of the anterior teeth

The veneers considered necessary for aesthetic enhancement of anterior teeth with a dark color, with poor resolution (crooked teeth) teeth broken or other aesthetic problems

Contraindications :

• Patients with clenching or grinding their teeth
• Patients with gingivitis- periodontitis
• Insufficiency of dental tissue
• Teeth with caries problem
• In cases that there is no presence of enamel because of wear or abrasion • Patients with habits like nail biting, pencil or ice biting

Advantages :

  • Restricted tooth grinding comparison with the crowns

  • Durable solution

  • Excellent aesthetic solution

  • Resistance to stain

Disadvantages :

  • Sensitive technique

  • High cost solution

The procedure is the following : 


1st visit

  • Color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro

  • Taking initial dental impressions with trays and impression materials for preparing the temporary crown


2nd visit

  • Local anesthesia

  • Reduction of the volume of the tooth –tooth preparation

  • Temporary veneer placed


3nd visit

  • Evaluation of the dental veneer

  • Permanent cementation of the dental veneer

  • After leaving the dental office, you can eat after 2 hours


4th visit

  • Final evaluation after 1 week

How long dental veneers last? :

Veneers have a long lifetime

However, to prolong the life of the recommended to those who have veneers:

• avoid chewing hard foods such as meat with bones, nuts, ice cubes, etc.
• excellent oral hygiene (brushing, dental flossing, e.t.c)
• must wear a nightguard for protection

Video process

Cases with Dental venners