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The facial appearance was always looking in all societies, from ancient times. An aesthetically perfect and radiant smile is not enough when there are wrinkles in the corners of the mouth and all over the face in general

In the last 15 years technological advancements have equipped plastic surgery with tools and technical security, highly effective field of anti-aging and wrinkle prevention

If you want to look younger, do not hesitate to inquire about the facelift without surgery, namely cosmetic injectable treatments concerning you

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The most common injectable anti-aging facial treatments and rehabilitation are:

1. Injection Botox (Botox): is a pure protein, non-surgical treatment that can temporarily smooth out lines caused by large extent expression of certain muscles and can improve the appearance of wrinkles. The Botox is a safe drug, it has been approved by 70 countries worldwide and is used in the aesthetics of the last 15 years. The procedure is painless. After injecting Botox will see results immediately but significant improvement you’ll see in 3-4 days, however, continues to improve the outcome up to 1 month and the results last 3-4 months. Of course the success of Botox depends on many factors such as age, lifestyle, skin quality, degree of problem experienced and qualified plastic surgeon. Treatment with Botox injection you will not make me look without expression, will not dramatically change your facial expression will simply reduce the muscle contraction. Important is that you can return to your daily activities

2. Injection of Hyaluronic acid is a natural sterile transparent gel which is injected into the skin to replace the natural hyaluronic acid which gives elasticity and moisture to the skin, which is lost with aging. The procedure is painless and the main objective is to soften wrinkles without affecting the characteristics. After the injection of hyaluronic acid, you will see results immediately but significant improvement in 3-4 days, and the effects last 9-12 months

A suitable doctor may treat the injection Botox or injectable hyaluronic acid is the practitioner who is very experienced and suitably qualified e.g. surgeon

Application of Botox:

● Wrinkles on forehead
● wrinkles
● Wrinkles eyes
● Wrinkles around the mouth

Application of hyaluronic dermal fillers:

● In the chin
● Wrinkles on the lips, small lips In wrinkles
● rinopareiakes
● In wrinkles all over the face
● Wrinkles on the cheeks, cheekbones
● On the back of the hands
● Wrinkles bust

From what age can I do Botox or hyaluronic dermal filler:

The appropriate age for injecting treatment Botox or hyaluronic acid is from 18-65

Administration of Botox is contraindicated:

● When there is local infection of the injection point
● In patients with neuromuscular diseases (myasthenia gravis)
● In patients with an established allergic reaction to any of the components of Botox

Side effects after application Botox:

● Nausea
● Bruises
● Redness
● Temporary eyelid drop
● Infection at the injection region
● inflammation at the injection region
● Pain at the injection region

Instructions after application of Botox or hyaluronic dermal fillers:

● Patients remain upright and do exercises In their areas has become the infusion for 2-4 hours
● Avoid touching the specific area for six hours
● Avoid sun exposure, solarium
● Avoid drinking alcohol
● Avoid sauna
● Avoid aspirin 3 days before surgery
● Avoid administering anti-inflammatory or preparations influencing blood coagulation 3 days before surgery

How much does the injectable treatment with Botox:

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How much injecting therapy with hyaluronic dermal filler:

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