Removable partial denture with attachments

Removable partial denture with attachments 2017-05-10T21:00:53+03:00

Removable partial denture with attachments : replaces the missing teeth and is based in dental crowns with special attachments or telescopic crowns

Duration of treatment: Approximately 7 -10 business days

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  • The patient avoids the stress that the removable partial denture will be “visible”
  • The patient adaptation is easier
  • It is more aesthetic solution from all partial dentures
  • Excellent stability


  • Increased cost of a conventional removable partial denture
  • In case of breakage of the dental crowns, the patient is burdened with a new treatment plan with crowns and relining the removable partial denture, if this is possible


  • In all cases that the treatment plan is removable denture and the patient wants an aesthetic solution


  • Patients with Periodontitis where there is a risk of future loss of the adjacent teeth



1st visit:

• Eventually color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro
• Taking initial impressions of the upper and the lower jaw for the construction of individual trays and temporary crown


2nd visit :

• Preparation of the teeth
• Taking the final impression with individual trays
• Fitting temporary crown


3rd visit:

• Removal of temporary crown
• Evaluation of the metal base of the crown
• Wax Rim of the denture
• Repositioning temporary crown


4th visit :

• Removal of temporary crown
• Evaluation of the dental crown with dental attachments (prepared crowns still not polished)
• Final evaluation of the fitting of the denture teeth and the shape, size and color of the teeth
• Repositioning of temporary crown


5th visit:

• Removal of temporary crown
• Final cementation of the dental crowns with attachments
• Final fitting of the partial denture
• Leaving the clinic with a radiant smile, you can eat directly


6th visit:

• Final evaluation a week later

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