Overdentures – Full denture over implants

Overdentures – Full denture over implants 2017-05-12T20:48:10+03:00

Overdentures : Full denture that is placed over implants and the alveolar bone

For the upper jaw 5 implants required for open palate and 2 implants for the lower jaw

Duration of treatment : About 7-10 working days

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1. Increased patient satisfaction because of the feeling that it is not completely edentate
2. Increased stability, retention and support
3. Reduction of bone resorption
4. Increase chewing stability
5. Small lifting the lip area
6. No retainer adhesive used for dentures
7. There is no risk to fall at the time of speaking or chewing


1. Increased clinical experience required and laboratory work
2. Risk of perimplantitis

Overdentures with Balls

Overdentures with Locators


1. Patients with poor oral hygiene
2. Patients with extensive absorption of the alveolar bone
3. Patients who wear full denture already and they do not have good stability even with denture adhesive


1. When another prosthetic restoration offers better results
2. Patients who do not maintain good oral hygiene
3. When the implants have poor prognosis

After endodontic therapy of the roots is completed then follows:


1st visit:

• Taking oral impressions of the upper or lower jaw for the construction of the equators or the balls


2nd visit :

• Taking oral impressions of the upper or lower jaw


3rd visit:

• Evaluation of the overdenture with wax rim
• Color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro


4th visit :

• Final evaluation of the fitting of the overdenture teeth and the shape, size and color of the teeth


5th visit:

• Housing the implant locators to fit in the denture
• Final fitting of the full denture
• Leaving the clinic with a radiant smile, you can eat directly


6th visit:

• Final evaluation one week later

Overdenture on natural teeth with Bar

Overdenture on natural teeth with Balls