Overdenture on natural teeth

Overdenture on natural teeth 2017-05-10T21:28:09+03:00

Overdenture on natural teeth : Total denture that is inserted over existing natural roots of teeth and the alveolar bone

For the maxilla, is required 3-5 roots to reduce the palate as possible and 2 roots for the mandibular

Duration of treatment : About 7-10 working days

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1. Increased patient satisfaction because of the feeling that it is not completely edentate
2. Increased stability, retention and support
3. Affordable cost
4. Ability to use retentive connectors which increase retention
5. Possibility of easy corection or relining in case of loss of root
6. Reduction of bone resorption
7. Increase chewing ability
8. Easier recognition of the size and the texture of the food
9. Small lifting the lip area
10.No retainer adhesive used for dentures
11. There is no risk to fall at the time of speaking or chewing


1. Increased clinical experience required and laboratory work
2. Risk of root caries
3. Risk of root periodontal infection


1. Patients with poor oral hygiene
2. Patients with extensive absorption of the alveolar bone
3. Patients with high abrasion of teeth
4. Patients with a few teeth


1. When another prosthetic restoration offers better results
2. Patients who do not maintain good oral hygiene
3. When the roots have poor prognosis



1st visit:

• Taking oral impressions of the upper or lower jaw for the construction of the equators or the balls


2nd visit :

• Final cementation of the equators or the balls


3rd visit:

• Taking oral impressions of the upper or lower jaw


4th visit :

• Final impressions of the upper or lower jaw


5th visit:

• Wax Rim of the denture
• Color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro


6th visit:

• Evaluation of the overdenture on natural teeth

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