Oral splint therapy

Oral splint therapy 2017-05-11T18:55:41+03:00

It is the therapeutic action designed to connect or bend two or more moving teeth together in order to stabilize them

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Aim is :

  • To contribute the effort to restore teeth by strength them and maintained them to the oral cavity
  • To reduce dental mobility
  • To improve the lost masticator function
  • To relieve the patient from the discomfort of mobility existence
  • For keeping teeth in the oral cavity after endodontic treatment
  • For keeping teeth in their position in the oral cavity after orthodontic treatment
  • For aesthetic reasons
  • For healing reasons of injured teeth after periodontal treatment
  • Replacement a missing tooth or more, for aesthetic reasons


  • Problems in oral hygiene
  • Predisposition for display caries
  • Risk of breakage

Construction materials:

  • Fiberglass splint
  • Orthodontic multi- stranded wire


In some cases, we have to minimum preparate the teeth and we put the selective material with composite resin