Mini Dental Implants

Mini Dental Implants 2017-05-07T00:01:27+03:00

The Mini Dental Implants or micro screw implant is smaller than the tooth implants are placed directly on the gums, even between the teeth without incisions and without complex clinical and laboratory procedures required

Mainly used in orthodontics, implanted in bones by a simple surgical procedure and removed after the required orthodontic movement

Their advantage is that they do not fully osteointegrated, so they can be easily removed

They can also be used as temporary and interim solution for denture stabilizing until completed the surgical bone graft and the placement of dental implants in the jawbone

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Advantages :

  • Painless process
  • Low cost compared with dental implants
  • Possible immediate loading
  • There are not oseointegrated, like the dental implants
  • Easy removal without blood

Indications :

 In patients with excessive jaw resorbtion, as a temporary and interim for denture stabilising
 For orthodontic reasons, it helps to exercise powers

Contraindications :

 Patients with poor oral hygiene
 Patients with periodontitis
 In areas that has been recently tooth extracted
 Patients whose healing process is reduced (diabetes, osteoporosis patients, bisphosphonates recipients etc)
 They can not remain in the jaw for a long time