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The preparations of the tooth for crowns partial coating, are conservative, largely preserving the economy hard dental tissue

Nevertheless they are applied little in clinical practice

This is due to the skill of the dentist and the limited number of teeth which can be applied to these types for support a fixed dental bridge

Indications :

1. In teeth with good anatomical features
2. Patients who are not predisposed to caries
3. Patients who applies as much as possible perfect oral hygiene


Indications :

1. In infected tooth having enamel that supported by dentine buccal and lingual surfaces of the tooth

Contraindications :

1. Presence of teeth with caries
2. In teeth with presence hypocalcification in buccal and lingual surfaces of the tooth


Using overlays enables total renewal of the crown, but a prerequisite is the presence of enamel around the crown

Construction materials:

Composite resin

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1st visit :

• Color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro
• Local anesthesia
• Reduction of the volume of the tooth – tooth preparation
• Taking impressions with individuals trays and impression materials


2nd visit :

• Probing incomplete inlays, onlays or overlays


3rd visit :

• Bonding inlays, onlays or overlays with permanent cement

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