Your first dental visit 2017-05-03T11:58:08+03:00

Your first diagnostic visit includes:

Adults :

  • Complete medical and dental history

  • Clinical oral examination

  • Conversation with you, for your special needs, so to move on the most appropiate treatment plan

  • If necessary, you realize a panoramic x-ray

  • In case of toothache, the treatment should begin immediately with absolute priority, to the treatment plan we agreed

Children :

Our goal is their dental visit to be as pleasant as possible

More detail :

  • We receive from the parents a dental history and we proceed to the clinical oral examination of the kid
  • If necessary, we will proceed to preventive fillings- sealants or fluoride treatment and finally
  • We will advise to children and parents, about good eating habits to be acquired, as well as how to use the toothbrush, so that children can maintain excellent oral health.

After the clinical examination – treatment, we will discuss alternative options of restoration and will be given to you in written a general plan of treatment as the required cost of that treatment