Diagnostic wax

Diagnostic wax 2017-05-07T00:41:48+03:00

It aims to establish and complete the diagnosis and the prosthetic treatment plan

It is a helpful aid to diagnosis, to analyze the occlusion, the position of the teeth and their morphology

Frequent Dental Questions


  • Disharmony of occlusion
  • Crossbite occlusion
  • Irregular occlusal plane
  • Overbite
  • Need to increase the height of the vertical dimension
  • To see the patient how it will be the final restoration, before making any dental work in the mouth and to discuss any options available

These situations will be studied, will be changed and filled with wax molds study aims to simplicity and predictable treatment for manufacturing the final restoration


We take impressions for the upper and lower jaw

We sent to the dental laboratory and in consultation with the Prosthodontics, diagnostic waxing is ready

Video process