Dental Laser

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The laser dental (dental laser) is a powerful energy beam with a specific wavelength, focusing on precision and clarity in the tissue damage
The dental laser first discovered in the 60s

However, only in the last 15 years developed and increasingly applied in dentistry
What is certain is that the laser is safe because there are not ionizing radiation, such as X-rays

Συχνές ερωτήσεις

The dental laser applied in the following cases:

● Remove pathological soft tissue (e.g. Bladder)
● Implant revelation (removal of soft tissue around the implant)
● Correction of gingival smile (gingival aesthetic correction)
● Teeth Whitening
● Treatment of gingivitis
● Treatment of periodontitis
● Incision and drainage of periodontal abscesses
● Endodontic (root canal)
● Revelation crown, in order to facilitate more tooth
● Labial laser frenectomy
● Hemostasis
● Reduce tooth sensitivity
● Sterilization after extraction
● Gum recession (gingival remodeling)
● Revelation semi- impacted and impacted teeth
● Symptomatic treatment of herpes labialis, aphthae ulcer etc.
● Elongation crown, with excellent aesthetic results without the patient struggled
● Oral impressions (for prosthestic reasons) without using gum retraction cord, without bleeding quickly and noninvasively for the patient

The procedure is painless, requires short time and achieve excellent results

Today, the high developments in technology and especially in dental equipment

As a consequence, dentists need constantly information and training to adapt and be aware of new data on the development of dental science