Dental crown

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Dental crown : is the restoration that covers entire occlusal surface and the side surfaces of the tooth and protects the tooth likely fracture when chewed

At very damaged teeth may need root canal treatment and post and core

Frequent Dental Questions

When a dental crown needs replacement ;

Usually a dental crown lasts 10-15 or more years, however the patient has to take care of oral hygiene. But there are cases that it should be replaced earlier when is established:

1. Receding gums
2. Discolor of the crown
3. Crown breakage
4. Tooth decay, cervical of the crown

Indications :

1. Teeth with endodontic treatment
2. Broken teeth
3. Teeth with large dental fillings
4. If there is a loss of tooth surface because of the age or grinding
5. Improving the aesthetic appearance of a tooth (if we want to change color, shape, layout on the front teeth and there is no possibility of applying a more conservative technique as veneers, whitening, bonding, etc.) 6. For the support of a removable denture or bridge, when missing adjacent teeth

Cost of a dental crown :

The cost of a dental crown varies depending on the type of crown, the metal alloy, the kind of the porcelain, the technique to be applied, whether to put temporary crown and the dental laboratory level services that manufacture the crown

The total cost may increase if the tooth that will be placed the crown need additional therapy (eg endodontic treatment, fillings, post and core etc.)


from gold alloy or palladium alloy or an alloy of basic metals

● They have great strength
● They do not have good aesthetics

All ceramic

Made entirely of porcelain

● Extremely high aesthetics
● Reduced strength
● Usually used in the frontal teeth
● Relatively high cost
● Its contraindicated for patients with bruxism or teeth grinding

Metal- ceramic

Consisting inside of a metal alloy (titanium, gold, chromium, nickel, cobalt, etc.) which is externally covered with porcelain

● High resistance
● Good aesthetics
● Used in any area of the mouth
● Used as supported of dental bridge or removable denture
● Good fit

Zirconia (or zirconium)

Consisting inside of zirconia (zirconium) which is externally covered by porcelain

● High resistance
● Excellent aesthetics
● Used in any area of the mouth
● Used as supported of dental bridge
● Good fit

Treatment :


1st visit :

• Color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro
• Taking initial dental impressions with trays and impression materials for preparing the temporary crown


2nd visit :

• Local anesthesia
• Reduction of the volume of the tooth –tooth preparation
• Temporary crown placed


3nd visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Final preparation of the tooth
• Taking final dental impressions
• Temporary crown replaced


4nd visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Probing base of the dental crown
• Temporary crown replaced


5th visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Probing of the dental crown with porcelain which is not finally polished
• Temporary crown replaced


6th visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Permanent cementation of the dental crown

Video process

Cases with crowns