Dental Equipment

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Dental Diode Laser

The dental diode laser is used for treatment of gingivitis, periodontal treatment, teeth whitening, surgery in soft tissues, gum recession, frenectomy, removal of cysts, sterilization of root canas during endodontic therapy, aesthetic dentistry

It has several advantages such as immediate results in teeth bleaching, dramatic reduction of microbes during surgery, faster healing of tissues and is painless

Teeth Whitening with Lamp (without UV radiation)

Maximizes power penetration of the bleaching gel to the teeth, emits no UV radiation and does not create sensitivities and pain
Tooth whitening is done in an hour, with excellent aesthetic results

Teeth Whitening with Zoom! (Advaced Power)

The latest generation (3rd) lamp Zoom! Advaced Power, which maximizes the effect of the most publicized and famous in USA whitening method

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera gives a detailed picture of the teeth
At the same time, it allows the dentist to explain to the patient his/ her intraoral situation

Ultrasonic System

Achievement of the scaling (cleaning) of teeth, with vibrations and jetting effect of the stone is removed without pain, no sensitivity, subgingival and supragingival

Automatic crowns / bridges removal device

With specialized automatic crown or bridge removal device, avoid any injury to the tooth, periodontal or crown.

At the same time it is no longer uncomfortable for the patient to remove the crown or bridge

Air abrasion teeth whitening

Achievement of removing stains on the surface deposited by use of coffee, tea, tobacco or the food consumption stains (carrot, tomato) etc., with soda spray

Autoclave sterilization

Used for the complete sterilization of dental instruments

The important advantage is that sterilizes either metal or plastic tools

Electronic phasmatometric (electronic dental color measurement)

It is an essential tool for the aesthetic and prosthetic dentistry

Achievement of the absolute color measurement of the teeth for excellent aesthetic results

Digital root apex locator

Necessary endodontic tool for precisely determining root canal length

With this tool we avoid perforation of root canals

Obturation of root canal with warm gutaperca

With the technique of the root canal filling with warm gutapercha during endodontic treatment, achieve hermetic final sealing of the root canals

Patient education 3D animation

Patients education and software about dental care

Digital panoramic X-Ray

Digital Panoramic radiography system for children and adults

We choose the specific digital orthopantomograf that achieves images of the teeth and TMJ with less radiation dose to only 5,5 sec to 4,8 sec adults and for children

Intraoral radiographs

After clinical examination, sometimes it is necessary to intraoral radiography for the diagnosis of abscesses, tooth fracture, cysts, impacted teeth, etc.