Dental Bridge

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Dental Bridge: is a fixed prosthetic work that replaces one or more missing teeth and is supported on two at least adjacent natural teeth

In more extended dental bridges can be made according to the number of the teeth that they have been removed and the teeth that the will be used as supported teeth

The dental bridges are firmly cemented to the natural teeth, unlike with removable dentures, which are removed and replace to the mouth by the patient himself

Frequent Dental Questions

Cost of a dental bridge :

The cost of a bridge is variable and depends on the type of bridge, the metal alloy, the kind of the porcelain, the technique to be applied, the possible placement of temporary bridge and the laboratory level that it will be construct the dental bridge

The total cost will increase further if the tooth that is to receive the bridge need additional therapy (eg endodontic treatment, fillings, fiber post etc.) Finally, the cost depends on the number of teeth that should be covered

Temporary crown and bridges :
There are special restorations that cover the teeth to be sharpened. The construction and placement of a crown or bridge requires certain steps which are usually completed within 5-7 days. Many patients are concerned about the cosmetic appearance, chewability and the possible existence of pain during this time, and also to avoid possible fracture

There is a solution !

Indications :

1. There is no periodontal disease or is under control
2. The patient maintains good oral hygiene
3. Prevents tooth movement that gradually leads to occlusion disorders

Treatment :

The procedure is identical to that followed for the construction of single tooth crowns

Advantages :

1. Improves chewing, speech and facial aesthetics
2. It is stable and fixed
3. Patients have accepted too easily, without feeling that they have a foreign body in their mouths
4. They have very good aesthetic as in most cases are not distinguishable at all by the natural teeth
5. If the color of our remaining natural teeth not satisfy us we can change it by applying whitening


The need for grinding of natural teeth that they will be used as supports. This disadvantage can be overcome only with the dental implants

Προσωρινές στεφάνες και γέφυρες

Είναι ειδικές αποκαταστάσεις που καλύπτουν τα δόντια που θα τροχιστούν
Η κατασκευή και τοποθέτηση μιας στεφάνης ή γέφυρας απαιτεί ορισμένα στάδια τα οποία συνήθως ολοκληρώνονται μέσα 5-7 ημέρες

Πολλοί ασθενείς ανησυχούν για την αισθητική τους εμφάνιση, τη δυνατότητα μάσησης καθώς και την πιθανή ύπαρξη πόνου κατά τη διάρκεια αυτού του χρονικού διαστήματος, όπως επίσης και την αποφυγή πιθανού κατάγματος

Υπάρχει λύση !

There are three main ways for the construction and installation of a temporary restorations:

1. The use of prefabricated crowns in the dental office

2. The construction of the dental restoration in the dental office:

● Completed soon and has a lower cost compared with the cost of dental lab
● The cosmetic results are clearly inferior to that if made in dental laboratory

3. The construction of the temporary restoration from the dental technician- laboratory:

● Excellent aesthetic image
● Good resistance
● Increased costs (relative to the other two methods)
● Procedure requires more preparation time

Η διαδικασία αποκατάστασης με γέφυρα δοντιών είναι η ακόλουθη

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