Dental bridge type Maryland

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The dental bridge type Maryland is the less invasive prosthetic restoration for the replacement of one tooth, with the less preparation of the tooth, in the palatal or lingual surface of the tooth

The tooth is placed in the adjacent teeth with special blades which are cementedά

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Indications :

• Anterior teeth
• Painless, not anesthesia required
• Excellent aesthetic
• Less invasive restoration in comparison with a classical dental bridge
• In cases there is no enamel because of abrasion
• Balanced occlusion
• Patients with good oral hygiene
• Low cost

Contraindications :

• Existence of dental caries in the adjacent teeth
• Periodontal problems
• Posterior teeth
• Space maintenance during orthodontic treatment
• Para functional habits
• Overbite
• Teeth very fine that is restricted for tooth preparation
• Allergy to nickel

Materials :

• Composite resin
• Metal ceramic crown with metal blades
• All ceramic crown with ceramic blades
• Zirconium with zirconium blades

The procedure is the following :


1st visit:

• Color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro
• Tooth preparation of the adjacent teeth
• Taking impressions of the upper and the lower jaw


2nd visit :

• Evaluation of Maryland
• Final cementation of Maryland
• After lefting from the dental office, you can eat after 2hours


3rd visit:

• Final evaluation after 1 week

Video process