Clear splint with a tooth

Clear splint with a tooth 2017-05-10T21:55:37+03:00

It is a clear mouth guard where we place an aesthetic tooth inside the splint where is missing

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Advantages :

• Painless
• Not anesthesia required
• Short delivery time
• No tooth preparation
• Low cost

Indications :

• Missing teeth
• Temporary restoration before or after implant placement

Disadvantages :

• Removable denture
• Requires good oral hygiene
• It is not allowed to chew with it

Contraindications :

• Poor oral hygiene
• Occlusion problems

Materials :

• Vacuum formed PVC

The procedure is the following :


1st visit:

• Color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro
• Taking impressions of the upper and the lower jaw


2nd visit :

• Evaluation of Clear splint with a tooth
• Placement of Clear splint with a tooth


3rd visit:

• Final evaluation after 1 week