All ceramic crowns

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The ceramic crowns are made of a porcelain structure covered with a special ceramic material

The absence of metallic gives excellent aesthetic performance and naturalness in these restorations, which can now emulate transparency and iridescence of the natural tooth

Advantages :

• Perfect cosmetic results
• Natural chameleon effect
• Good durability at the time
• Absence of allergic reactions
• Does not absorb stains

Disadvantages :

• High cost
• Reduced strength compared with other types of crowns
• Requires special handling by a specialist

Contraindication of all ceramic crowns :

• When the patient exerts strong chewing pressures (during chewing, grinding or clenching of teeth, etc.)
• Existence of occlusal problems

The procedure is the following :


1nd visit :

• Color measurement with SpectroShade™ Micro
• Taking initial dental impressions with trays and impression materials for preparing the temporary crown


2nd visit :

• Local anesthesia
• Reduction of the volume of the tooth –tooth preparation
• Temporary crown placed


3nd visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Final preparation of the tooth
• Taking final dental impressions
• Temporary crown replaced


4nd visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Probing the ceramic base of the dental crown
• Temporary crown replaced


5th visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Probing of the dental crown with porcelain which is not finally polished
• Temporary crown replaced


6th visit :

• Removal of the temporary crown
• Permanent cementation of the all ceramic crown

Video process

Cases with all-ceramic crowns